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Utilize your consumers' digital engagements, relationships, and experiences to produce effective business results with actionable insights.

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About Neurotech

We are an AI firm that assists businesses in transforming their customer experiences through conversational AI (chatbots) that can help customers across numerous platforms, including Telegram, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

we also provide consultation on data-driven solutions that can be very specific to a firm based on data it has or planning to adopt a data strategy.

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Our services

Accelerate your business growth today with our software development services

Conversational AI

Enable a fast and excellent 24/7 customer service experience using a Conversational AI solution.

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Data Strategy Consultation:

Thriving with your data starts with a solid strategy, and our data analytics experts are here to help.

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Neurotech utilizes Machine learning and Artificial intelligence technologies to improve customer experience, optimize problem-solving and provide automated analytical models.

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Here are some solutions crafted by our team


Conversational AI platform that allows developers to easily build and deploy chatbots.

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Conversational Banking

Conversational AI enhances the customer experience in banking by answering questions from clients, finding nearby services, and automating balance checks.

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Conversational Insurance

Conversational AI to aid insurance companies in managing client needs. From Know Your Customer (KYC), purchasing insurance products, and monitoring policies, to other crucial insurance management tasks.

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Mobile Money Conversational chatbot

Conversational AI to assist mobile money companies in enhancing their services and client experiences, including sending money, withdrawing money, checking balances, and addressing Frequent Asked Questions through messaging

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Swahili Cognitive Therapy Chatbot

A Swahili Conversational AI that automates mental health assessment and pre-therapy process.

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A python library for computing the contextual similarity between strings and documents.

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Partners & Clients

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Some posts from our blog

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Getting started Plagiarism detection in Python using Pysimilar

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Swahili text classification using transformers

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get started with topic modelling using GENSIM in NLP

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